Great fun for grown-ups.

The Colonial Way


Do you sometimes
rather fancy…

hat you'd like some time out to relax and unwind, get a breath of fresh air and some easy exercise without gym fees? Or that you'd love a chance to discover more about yourself and the world about you? Or do you just fancy some time to think? (talking to a horse can really help).

Adults, couples of all ages
and families
can all enjoy a Colonial Way holiday that's special for them.

While touring
in your horsedrawn caravan and checking out the countryside, the wineries and the wildlife you'll have time to pursue a hobby or a passion (or your partner). Time for reading and writing, painting or photography, bushwalking, bird watching, fishing or fossicking, star gazing or navel gazing. And we have it on good authority that nothing beats a cuddle by a campfire.

And for a bonus, cut your monthly mobile phone bill by 25%, by turning it off for the week.

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If you're into stargazing, bring a telescope or binoculars and we'll provide you with a star map.

It's a tough life…keeping horse and husband fed and watered.

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